Chapter 49 - Using Sound to Deal with Challenges and Conflicts
10 ways to handle challenges and conflicts in Relationships, Health, Wealth, World Changes,
and Hypersensitivity to Sounds.

Challenges and conflicts are probably the #1 cause of us losing track of our own stable, peaceful vibration. This chapter looks at 10 ways to handle challenges and conflicts. These include the big 3 -- relationship, health and wealth challenges. It also includes any anger, fear or anxiety over World Changes – whether caused by greedy people or natural disasters such as global warming, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, solar flares, or pole shifts where we might lose our consciousness completely. These techniques are also extremely effective for dealing with loud or annoying sounds around us – especially for those of you that are hypersensitive to sound.

It seems that the last of bastion of raising our consciousness is to simply not be reactive to any situation – even down to the point of “hmph.” Many spiritual leaders say that “suffering” is simply our resistance to a situation. In fact, some Spiritual seekers often put themselves through much pain by meditating for lengthy periods in uncomfortable positions and places (e.g.: caves) and they do not suffer. They do not suffer, because there is zero resistance. A different person in the same situation might be completely miserable.

This is the first step – no reaction, no judgment. The next step is to resonate your own frequency so that you are not entrained by any so-called negative frequencies around you. Even more advanced is to bring a positive vibrational energy to the situation. Not only are you not reacting, you are helping the situation. Ultimately, the most advanced level is to see all as a part of your self. In a place of Oneness nothing is ever a big deal.

In the class we do on this subject, we actually play a really annoying synthesizer sound to represent the challenge or conflict – and no one is ever annoyed by the sound! Eventually, not only are people not annoyed by the sound, they actually go into a state of bliss the moment the sound begins. Imagine – having no fear or anxiety whatsoever over any upcoming challenge or conflict because you know you now have the tools to actually go into a state of bliss in the midst of the challenge.

Instead of using an annoying sound to represent our challenges and conflicts, simply take a minute and write down all of the challenges and conflicts you have in your life now – including health, wealth, relationships, world changes, or annoying sounds. Go ahead and write them all down – we’ll wait until you are done.

You don’t want to resonate trouble by focusing on potential problems. However, you do want to be ready for them if they were to show up.

Now… let’s begin.

1. Allowing and Acceptance
The opposite of allowing is reaction or resistance. Simply letting it be, with no reaction. This is really about having no judgment. The second that we determine that something is good or bad, suffering follows. If we label it “bad,” then if we can’t get away from it, it is a bummer. Even if we label it “good,” based on Buddhism, it is stressful when we don’t have it, or desire to be around it; and, it is stressful when we lose it.

The question is, “What are things, if they are not good and bad? What is at the basis of reality where things just are?” The answer is, “Everything is vibration.” When we see things as vibration – they just are. We can see things from a variety of levels – Frequency, Timbre, Musical Flow, or Energetic Flow (sound familiar). It is what it is. Interesting, huh? Ahhhhh… so it is.

If you were to come up with a sound for the energy of allowing, what might it sound like? For me, it is mostly just a silence. It might also be something like an “Ahhhh.”

Go into the energy of allowing now.

Now think about all of your challenges and conflicts and ask bring the energy of allowing to them. Can you allow them to be? – no resistance, no reaction. It is what it is.

The next 3 techniques are mostly about resonating your own natural state of peace, or creating one of your own with sound and energy so that the outside dissonance doesn’t affect you.

2. Being present in the vibrations and rhythms in your body
In this technique you go into a complete state of presence where you are a point of awareness. Again, in this place there is no judgment. You are simply present with what is.

Being present in your body is one of the best ways to get off the roller coaster of outside entrainment. Tune into the coherent frequencies in your body. Feel your body. That is, feel the frequencies and vibrations in your body. There are 70 trillion cells in your body. Even if you are experiencing pain, there are always more cells that are humming happily, than those in pain. Feel the frequencies and vibrations of everything around you (sights, sounds, smells, touch including temperature and clothing), perhaps tastes. Notice your breath including its rate. Notice your heart beating. Notice gravity pulling you to the center of the earth.

All of these vibrations are completely coherent and peaceful, in relation to the challenge and the conflict.

Now think about all of your challenges and conflicts simply notice how your body feels and how the feelings simply pass on through when they are met with no resistance. Also just notice the rhythm and quality of the energy of the conflict. What might this so-called negative energy sound like? Then just let it be what it is. Just be present with its song – regardless of its quality.

Next time you are in the fire of a challenge, simply tune into your body and be present with whatever is happening. No resistance; no suffering

3. Toning
Sometimes certain challenges are just too much for our body. Certain sounds are just too loud. Being present in my body isn’t enough, it seems. The next technique of toning brings a coherent frequency into your body. Even if you are in pain, toning will replace the pain.

Simply make the sound of “OM,” “AH,” or any other vowel sound. Make it out loud with quite a bit of volume. This technique brings that consistent vibration inside your body at a physical level. It is especially effective for any physical ailment or pain in the body. It is also especially helpful for relieving any type of worry, anxiety or fear. In fact, it is good for about any situation – except when you are in a conflict with someone right in front of you. Toning in their face will probably not help resolve the conflict.

In these cases you might try toning silently to yourself. Try it now. Do an “OM” silently in your head. This is also especially helpful when in any public place, such as a business or party.

Consistency is the essence of peace. And as previously mentioned, vowel sounds are consistent, coherent sounds. They bring that consistency into every cell of your body, including your mind. They even resonate the consistency of your Soul, Spirit and Source.

Again, you are simply creating a frequency in your self, that overcomes the discordant frequency around you, or inside of you in the case of pain or anxiety.

4. Toning your Root/Soul Frequency
Even though at this point you may not know what note your home note is, it is nice to know that there is a frequency inside of you where you are completely at home. If you believe that we have soul, your soul is the most peaceful place there is in you. Your Soul is never affected by anything that ever goes on. It is the ultimate peace and stillness, and it is totally connected to Source.

So, even if you can’t find the note inside you, you can still go to this place of peace that is your Soul or home note.

Simply, listen for a note that feels like home. If you are able to do a frequency sweep in your head, sweep up and down until you find a note that feels like home (don’t worry about whether it is right or wrong – it doesn’t really matter as long as it feels good). It generally is the lowest note that feels like home (versus a high note). If you can’t imagine a frequency sweep in your head, then do it out loud, until you find a note that feels like you have come home, and are at rest.

Then, tone this note with the intention of going to that place of peace that is your Soul. Again, it will completely overcome any other frequency of a challenge or conflict.

I have to say… once you do find your Soul note for sure, it is amazingly powerful for returning yourself to peace and clarity when you tone it. It is really nice to get a bowl or tuning fork in your key to help remind you. There is even an app in the Iphone that tells you what note you are toning (it’s just a guitar tuner app). You can also find songs in your key to listen to in order to really get to know the frequency.

It can take quite awhile to be able to access this note at will, especially when in the midst of a bit of chaos. Even musicians can find it difficult at first to access the note on their own. However, once you get it down, it’s like having the most powerful tool in the world inside you – a tool that is capable of overcoming the chaotic energy of any challenge or conflict.

The key to each of the previous techniques is to simply get off the roller coaster of so-called negative vibrations around you. You are no longer on the ride being entrained. You have created a new second vibration, or found it inside yourself – one that is resonating peace, stillness and equanimity. You resonate the peaceful vibration instead of the chaotic one.

The following techniques are about bringing a positive coherence to the so-called negative frequency. Even if it doesn’t harmonize, change or affect the negative vibration (which it actually often does), it leaves you in a blissful state of coherence – both sound and energy-wise.

5. Sing Along
This technique is especially good at dealing with annoying and irritating sounds.

First, if you have a sound that is just making you crazy or making your skin crawl, the first step is to get rid of the resistance. Make it your friend. The worse you “label” the sound, the more you suffer.

The worse you “label” the sound, the more you suffer.

Then, just sing along with it. Next time you hear a siren, howl like a wolf with it. Get a rhythm going with your voice to the jackhammer. Make a song out of a hurtful feeling. Match the sound of the motorcycle. Find the note of that annoying fan and tone along with it. Play, play, play with it. Make it your friend.

I’ve had people do the same with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Instead of suffering, try and sing along with it (at a lower octave, because it is normally higher than your voice can go).

You can even do the same with a pain in your body. Play with sounds until you find a sound that matches or dances around the energy of the pain. Make it your friend – stop the suffering.

Play with the sound of any fear you might be in. Be silly with it.

Some people like to mimic the sound of a person’s critical tone (not in front of them though). Play with it. Don’t do it in a demeaning way where you are above them. Just play with the energy of it, until the resistance subsides.

6. Welcoming
Imagine what the sound of “Welcoming” might sound like. Say, someone comes to your door… now make the sound of welcoming. It is a sweet sound. It is an inviting sound.

To be clear, welcoming is not lying down and letting the world roll over you. You still set boundaries, some might even Occupy Wall Street: however, welcome the challenge or conflict instead of getting stressed about it. Bring a positive frequency to it.

So we welcome the radiation coming from Japan. We welcome the nuclear power plant melting down. To get upset and angry only hurts your own physical body even more. We welcome the pain. We welcome the conflict, no matter how intense.

You see?

Now, focus on your own challenges and
bring the energy of welcoming to them.

Notice how all the tension around the issue immediately dissipates. Now make the sound of welcoming while focusing on your own personal challenges and conflicts. Whenever, you make the sound of an energy it creates a much stronger resonate field – and the sound resonates through your body physically!

You might still need to take action to deal with the issue, but you can even welcome that.

7. Gratitude
Gratitude, Oh, Gratitude… one of the most powerful sounds there is.

Similar, to welcoming, when you can be grateful for a conflict or challenge, it completely transforms your energy around it. Again, you don’t want to invoke a challenge or conflict. But, just invoke gratitude once in the face of it.

But, how can we be grateful for challenges and conflicts that we would rather avoid?

First, of course, we can always be grateful for a challenge because it makes us stronger. It makes us more prepared for a similar challenge in the future. It also gives us an opportunity to grow. However, on a more basic level, challenges and conflicts create movement, they are activating. Just like a dissonant chord, they bring gifts of energy.

Also, difficulties sometimes bring major changes. For example, how can we be grateful for the nuclear plant meltdown at Fukushima? It has resulted in many nuclear power plants not being built or finished around the world. It has also resulted in more regulations for power plants around the world. And, most importantly it opened the collective heart. When the Tsunami happened and the radiation starting pouring out, everyone on the planet’s heart went out to those that had died or been hurt. But also, people’s hearts opened to the serious possibility of our planet actually being made inhabitable. Our built-in natural response of compassion to human suffering was triggered.

You never know how you might end up being grateful for a so-called negative event. Years ago, I had a chief financial officer steal over a $1,000,000 from my school, and it caused the school to go under. After a couple of years of anger therapy…… I put together a play called, “Compassion,” based on this guy who ripped me off. It is a major Cirque style play with IMAX 3d and speakers in every seat of the auditorium. And now we are getting funded to create an installation and take it on tour around the world. So now, I can go back to this guy and say, “thank you!”

Some say we can even be grateful for the horrible destruction that Hitler created, as destructive forces commonly break down solidified structures that are holding us back from moving forward to more light and connection. Many agree that World War II actually brought the planet together more so than ever … again as the collective heart opened for the millions who were killed.

You just never know,
what higher plan that might be involved
with any negative situation.

Finally, the Dalai Lama says that when someone hurts you (so to speak), they are actually hurting themselves by creating Karma for themselves. And… they are giving you an opportunity to learn compassion. He says that you don’t learn compassion by studying how to do it. You learn it through practice. So whenever someone hurts you (so to speak) they providing you with an opportunity to learn and practice compassion, so you can be grateful to them. Not only that, they are hurting themselves as well.

They are actually sacrificing themselves for you.

Therefore, we can be grateful to them.

If you can’t figure out how to find gratitude for a person or situation, then you can simply revert to gratitude for all the things we have. The key is to simply be in a higher emotion that is healthy for you and helps to create a stronger resonant field on the planet.

There are so many things to be grateful for. If you haven’t made a gratitude list now is a great time to do it. Here’s a good list to get you underway.

Gratitude for:

This breath, then this one, then this one
Loved ones
For every thing that someone has done out of simple caring…
Particularly things that are given freely without expectation of any return.
The health I have
Goosebumps and chills
Hot and cold running water in my home.
And, OMG, a hot shower in my home
My Car
This body
Gratitude for the heart
Feeling… for all the senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing
All the other animals in the world.
The Planet and all the Stars – the Sun in Particular
For Frequencies
Gratitude for things we may not like
All the people that have hurt you
Gratitude for every frustration, aggravation, irritation, disturbance, annoyance, nuisance, disappointment, dissatisfaction, anger, resentment, pain, fear, and suffering.
Gratitude for Everything
For no reason at all
Gratitude for being able to experience Gratitude
Gratitude for others being Grateful

Now… feel all of this gratitude in your body. Let it surround you like a bubble. And, feel it through every cell in your body. Also, at the same time, think about all the gratitude on the planet. There are 400,000 babies born everyday, so there are probably at least 600,000 people in gratitude on the planet right now. I would say more like millions. So, tune into not only all the things you are grateful for, but also all of the gratitude on the planet. Then, again, if gratitude had a sound, find it.

Then make the sound out loud…

Now, focus on all of your challenges and conflicts
with both the energy and sound of gratitude.

If you need help, check out our YouTube video on gratitude at—f7OJ66Y

It has a large group of people toning the energy of gratitude with 100% focus, with visuals of all the things we can be grateful for.

8. Compassion
Compassion is a close relative of Unconditional Love. When I created the play compassion, I studied all the ways to invoke compassion.

First, we have a built-in natural compassionate response to other’s pain. If we see someone suffering in front of us, compassion naturally wells up within us. Although for some, TV and the level of homelessness has desensitized us to other’s suffering.

The tricky part is to have compassion for those that have hurt us (so to speak). There are several techniques that people use

• I often ask myself, “Why might they have done what they have done?” The answer I find is that they have been entrained into craziness and confusion by society—often by parents, family or friends – but especially by television. It has become the norm to be mean, to call someone an asshole, to get angry and upset over the smallest act of inconsideration. I tell myself, “They know not what they do.”

Also, people are commonly just tired, worn out, hungry or stressed. I know that I am not nearly as nice and considerate when I haven’t had enough sleep, when I’m really hungry or stressed over some situation. Sadly, my capacity for kindness is diminished. I often think of this when someone is inconsiderate. I would say that there are very few “mean” people – most people are simply trying to survive and make it through.

• See the person as a baby. Imagine, George Bush, as a sweet little baby totally connected to Spirit. Or even more intense, imagine Hitler as this cute little baby that is 100% a part of Source. This often helps me when I need to bring up compassion.

• Imagine what it would be like if you get upset or act out with revenge. You are simply creating a sound vibration that is also incoherent – hurting yourself and adding to that negative resonant field on the planet (ultimately hurting yourself also). Who would want to hurt themselves? “Eye for eye, and what do you get? A whole world that is eyeless.”

• The Dalais Lama talks about a mental process to evoke compassion. You see the other as also not wanting suffering – just like you. You also seem them as desiring happiness – just like you. In this respect you can connect to them and see how you are just the same.

• Ultimately, to take it to the highest level – is to go to a place of Oneness where you are truly one with everyone. When you leave the craziness of separation that we live in, and see them as part of yourself, compassion naturally comes through. I am you, you are me. Often a sense of peace or stillness happens – often with a bit of sadness in it. This is the ultimate level of compassion.

Now, go into the energy of compassion. The Dalai Lama is one of our best mentors in this regard. There used to be 3000 Ashrams in Tibet. There are now three. And the Dalai Lama continues to hold compassion for the people in the Chinese government. When asked what he would say to a Chinese soldier who has killed hundreds of Tibetans, he said he go over to him and hold him for all the pain he is feeling.

I also heard an interview on NPR with two guys – one from Palestine and one from Israel. They both had had there entire families killed – wives and children. And they got together and went to schools throughout Palestine and Israel. They got up in front of the class and said (paraphrased), “If anyone has reason for anger and revenge, it is us. Our families are gone. But we have come here to tell you that forgiveness and compassion are the only answer. Otherwise, there will be more and more people suffering like us.”

The essence of compassion is the energy of Quan Yin (which, interesting enough, is said to be centered in a city in China).


Now, feel the energy of compassion. Not only in yourself, but also tap into the powerful energy of compassion on the planet.

Listen for a sound that resonates this energy of compassion,
and make it out loud now.

Now, bring this energy and sound of compassion to all your conflicts and challenges – and to all of those who have hurt you (so to speak).

And now, bring that energy of compassion to yourself, for not being good enough in some way…. or for that part of you that has come up with the illusion that you are not good enough. Also, compassion for anything you feel you might have done to hurt others, or yourself.

9. Unconditional Love
To bring love to a conflict or challenge is one of the sweetest ways you can help yourself and possibly even transform the whole situation.

We went into detail on how to open your heart with sound in Chapter 45.

Bring love into your heart now. If you know how to connect to Universal, Divine Love do it now.

Now, make the sound of this love.

And, focus this loving energy on each of your challenges and conflicts.

Ahhhhhhh… what a wonderful feeling.

10. Oneness with All
When you see the situation and the people involved as sacred then the whole situation transforms. Again, we go to a sound of peace, sometimes with a tinge of sadness.

As discussed in Chapter 47, when you see the other as a part of you then you begin to look at how you can help yourself as a whole. Also, when you see the vastness of all the frequencies in the Universe that you are a part of, then this one little issue becomes less than miniscule. Also, you see the darkness as part of the whole of the Universe. It is no longer bad, it is part of the beauty of All That Is. Perfect in every way.

If you like, go back to page 290 and use the techniques we described to access this place of Oneness once again.

Then, focus on all your conflicts and challenges.

From this perspective, they are no longer conflicts and challenges.

You now have a wonderful toolkit to deal with any conflict or challenge in your life: To be able to hold your own frequency and not be affected by others around you, and to be able to help transform yourself, and ultimately everyone else on the planet.

Different people will resonate with different techniques in this list of ten. And, you will find that different techniques work better for different situations. Sometimes gratitude is the deal, other times compassion, maybe love, or maybe just simply toning in your head might be all that is needed. Use whichever one resonates with you for whatever situation you come across. Here is a chart that might be helpful, but is by no means definitive.

1. Allowing and Acceptance – Good for about anything. Whenever you get rid of resistance and judgment, suffering ceases. Perceive the world as it is – Frequencies, Timbres, Music and Energy.

2. Being present and in Your Body – Especially good when you are avoiding a situation or it is so intense that you feel out of your body.

3. Toning – Toning out loud is especially good when around noise or loud sounds, or when in pain because the frequency of the sound in your body keeps out the external sounds. I find that toning silently is really good in public places, or when in the midst of a situation where I’m completely overwhelmed.

4. Toning your Root/Soul Frequency –
Once you learn the note of your own resonant frequency, this note can completely transform your whole system into a place of complete stillness. Until then, having an instrument or a song in your key can be really helpful. Especially good for when around noise or just about any conflict.

5. Singing Along – Ideal for noises and loud sounds and pain, although if you make fun of any situation (without being disrespectful) it helps lighten up the situation.

6. Welcoming – A little more sophisticated technique than allowing; therefore, good for about anything. When you can be happy in any situation you have more capacity.

7. Gratitude – Good for most situations, although some people find it difficult to figure out how to be grateful when someone has hurt you. It is also sometimes hard to be grateful for catastrophes. Especially good for any wealth issues. Good for any issue if you simply count your blessings.

8. Compassion –
This one is ideal for when people hurt you, or especially when you hurt yourself.

9. Unconditional Love – This one is nice for most situations since you don’t have to have a reason. Especially good for those who do things out of ignorance or pain. It is also good for any health issues, or even for wealth issues.

10. Oneness with All – Every situation could benefit from this energy. Especially effective for any relationship challenges. Might also be the best for Catastrophes or World Changes.

It’s always best to assess each situation and intuitively do whichever technique feels the most appropriate at the time.

Again, having done these techniques, you see that you can not only not be upset by any issue in your life – health, wealth, relationships, world changes, or wily sounds – but you can use the situation to go to a really high state of consciousness.

At one point in the class we hold on this, one woman said, “Can you keep playing those weird synthesizer sounds – so I can continue in this state of bliss.” Just imagine approaching any conflict or challenge in your life with a sense of glee – because now you get to go into a really wonderful high state of consciousness.

Just imagine.